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This forum is for the KSP Emulating Real Life challenge, previously held on the KSP forums. This location enables the challenge to expand beyond just one thread.

    General Rules



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    General Rules

    Post by Admin on Tue 11 Jul 2017, 20:38

    General Rules


    1. General
    2. Forbidden Content
    3. User-staff relations
    4. Account security and personal information

    1. General

    1.1 Scope
    These rules apply to this forum.

    1.2 Notices/infractions/bans
    Moderators use their best judgment in each situation. If these rules are broken, a fair punishment can be issued by a moderator, including but not limited to: removing content, issuing a warning or banning the user temporarily or permanently.

    2. Forbidden Content

    2.1 Definition of message
    A message includes any and all means a user has available to communicate with other members.

    2.2 Forbidden content
    Messages that involve the following content will result in moderator action.
    a) Discussing or promoting software piracy
    b) Political, ideological or religious posts unrelated to the topic of this forum, or of a nature deemed likely to result in behavior banned under rule 2.2d
    c) Content unsuitable for children, including but not limited to nudity, sexually suggestive or explicit images, excessive violence, gore and recreational drugs
    d) Insults and threats, stalking, bullying or any other behavior which could be of a potentially rude, slanderous, accusatory, combative or otherwise harassing nature to/of another person
    e) Any discriminatory (racist, sexist, etc.) language, actions or iconography
    f) Public disclosure of private conversations (PMs) without the consent of all parties;
    g) Use of vulgarity, profanity, parts thereof (S***) and any technique that bypasses the language filter to post vulgar or profane content
    h) Content that is conspiratorial and lacks evidence (e.g. flat Earth, Moon hoax), denial of historic events (e.g. Holocaust)
    i) Self promotional posts or that promote a 3rd party for profit, monetization other than optional donation and advertising products or services without prior approval from a moderator;
    j) Impersonating members of staff, including but not limited to using a nickname that resembles theirs
    k) Any variation on the type of message that is used to needlessly bump threads, raise ones own account visibility and/or increase post count
    l) Flamebaiting, trolling or any other messages made for the purpose of getting a rise from users
    m) Changing the subject of conversation in a thread without a natural tie to the topic at hand (derailing a thread)
    n) Reposting closed and/or removed content without moderator consent.

    2.3 Language, thread placement, spelling and grammar
    a) Users should make an effort to place a new thread in the correct forum section. Posts that are in an incorrect section will be moved to a proper one.
    b) Users are encouraged to use proper grammar and spelling in all messages. Messages containing txt-speak, 1337-speak and other exclusionary forms of speech may be removed.
    c) All messages must be in English.

    2.4 Necroposting and Necromoaning
    a) Posting in a thread that has not received a new message in a long period is known as “necroposting". Necroposting is generally frowned upon but not forbidden provided that the post does not break the other rules. These threads can be closed at the discretion of the staff;
    b) Methods that draw attention to a necropost in such a manner as to shame the poster are also frowned upon and this is known as "necromoaning". Necromoaning posts are also subject to removal at any time.

    3. User-staff relations

    3.1 Definition of 'staff'
    A member of staff in this forum is someone appointed to take care of it. Moderators of this forum is an example.

    3.2 Moderator action requests
    Do not publicly call for moderator action or try to enforce the guidelines yourself. Politely informing someone of a rule is fine, but it's best to just let a moderator know.

    3.3 Open discussion of staff decisions
    Do not openly discuss action, or lack thereof, taken by the staff. If you have concerns about a moderator action, see 3.4 below.

    3.4 Contesting moderation action
    All of the moderators are active community members who try to set a good example and enforce the rules as well as possible, but they are human and can make mistakes from time to time. If you disagree with something they have done, please contact them privately, and the issue will be re-examined.

    3.5 Staff privacy
    Unwanted invasion of a member of staff's personal time is not allowed. Please do not contact them outside this forum or the official KSP forums to discuss their work here unless they specifically ask you to do so.

    3.6 Evading restrictions
    Members who try to evade a ban or restriction will be permanently banned from this forum.

    4. Account security and personal information

    4.1 User responsibility
    Keep your account safe, because anything done from it will be considered your responsibility. It is highly advised that you do not give out any personal information. Members of staff will not ask you for anything other than account details that are needed for solving a technical problem you have requested help with.

    4.2 Usernames
    For easy recognition, the usernames of the participants must be the same as the their usernames on the official KSP Forums.

    4.3 One user per account, one account per user
    Only one person may use an account, and you may only create one account on this forum.

    4.4 Users under the age of 13
    Users under the age of 13 who reveal their age or face may have their messages/photos removed for privacy reasons.

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    Re: General Rules

    Post by rocketsdon'tmakegoodtoast on Sun 16 Jul 2017, 03:03

    it's not the same name, but it's close enough for you to know me.

    Re: General Rules

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    wait, so far I'm the number 1 poster on this forums. ya Very Happy

    Re: General Rules

    Post by rocketsdon'tmakegoodtoast on Sun 16 Jul 2017, 03:11

    So for the "new topic" option, is that available now? Or is it for the future when this isn't just the one topic?

    Re: General Rules

    Post by rocketsdon'tmakegoodtoast on Sun 16 Jul 2017, 16:10

    I see you've put an ad at the top just so the forum wouldn't cost you anything, I would guess. And if you want to have more ads, where will they be? Or is it just the one so you don't have to spend money on the domain fees?

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    Re: General Rules

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