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This forum is for the KSP Emulating Real Life challenge, previously held on the KSP forums. This location enables the challenge to expand beyond just one thread.

    About RTSI...


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    About RTSI...

    Post by Blacksilver on Fri 14 Jul 2017, 14:50

    TL;DR of the rules and stuff.

    RTSI, or Recreating The Space Industry is a self- described "overambitious" forum project by theepicsquared, oliverm001x, and now with the help of Blacksilver.

    RTSI started out as a challenge thread on the Kerbal Space Program forums. Then, it got too big, and we gave up and now we have this entire forum to ourselves.

    In RTSI, you can become either a LAUNCH PROVIDER (LP), or a PAYLOAD PROVIDER (PP).  As a LP, you design and build rockets; e.g., SpaceX, ULA, etc. As a PP, you design sattelites and have them launched by (you guessed it) LPs.

    As either type of company, you have a budget. LPs get paid by PPs for launching rockets. PPs get paid by the Government for the use of their satellites.

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    Re: About RTSI...

    Post by rocketsdon'tmakegoodtoast on Sun 16 Jul 2017, 00:09

    so can I upload the one of the old crafts I made?

    Re: About RTSI...

    Post by rocketsdon'tmakegoodtoast on Sun 16 Jul 2017, 00:14

    So what's different about the new forum version of the challenge than the old thread version? If you (have)/(are going to) tell us somewhere else (on this forum or the old thread) then where is it (going to be)?

    Because I've still got the craft I sent in on google drive.
    and I've got a new one too, but it's much more advanced.

    and My company name is Sabot Industries. Our slogan is "we pierce through our challenges"

    Is that where I say my company name?

    Re: About RTSI...

    Post by rocketsdon'tmakegoodtoast on Sun 16 Jul 2017, 02:24

    Another thing, I know what I have to say about my rocket, but do I have to give the maximum payload to different altitudes like 75km-75km? or does the maximum payload capacity have to be too anywhere in low kerbin orbit?

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    Re: About RTSI...

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